Benard Ochieng and Eunice Odhiambo

Number of Family Members: 9
Biggest Challenge: Food, Water, School Fees
Source of Water: River
Average monthly income: $4

Family Activity

Garden Tower Sponsored by: The USANA Foundation
Chicken Enterprise Sponsored by:
Goat Sponsored by:
Rainwater Capture Tank Sponsored by: 

68 Families


1 Phelgona Atieno 2 Vincent and Celestine Omondi 3 Evans and Emily Ochieng 4 Mary Gacheru 5 Victor and Eunice Odhiambo 6 Eunice Ogutu 7 Protus Ochieng and Catherine Akinyi 8 Dorice Nyaseme 9 Phelgone Akinyi 10 Mary Odhiambo 11 Benard Ochieng and Eunice Odhiambo 12 Samuel Odhiambo and Caren Simiyu 13 Angeline Aila 14 Stephen and Caroline Obudho 15 Margaret Abuto 16 Marcus Okoth and Celestine Apondi 17 Beatrice Aoko 18 Cornes and Alice Otieno 19 Peter Otieno and Alice Akoth 20 Jackline Achieng 21 Peter Otieno and Alice Akoth 22 Cornes and Alice Otieno 23 Jackline Achieng 24 Francis Onyango and Millicent Achieng 25 Rita Atieno 26 Millicent Atieno 27 Lucas and Elizabeth Otieno 28 Peter Ochieng and Grace Rosemary 29 Kevin Odhiambo and Florence Otieno 30 Kennedy Odhiambo and Everlyne Muhonje 31 Vincent and Celestine Obonyo 32 George Oduyu and Mourine Odhiambo 33 Dennis and Mourine Otieno 34 Benedeta Opondo 35 Margaret Aketch 36 Collins and Pamela Omondi 37 Doris Omondi 38 Joseph Omwanda and Eunice Anyango 39 Margaret Awich 40 Ayub Omondi and Millicent Atieno 41 Stephen Oketch and Caroline Atieno 42 Serfine Ochieng 43 Barack and Caren Agoko 44 Fredrick Oloo and Emily Atieno 45 Charles Onyango and Iren Akinyi 46 Roseline Auma 47 Margaret Anyango 48 Alloyce Ochieng and Judith Okwara 49 Kevin Opondo and Millicent Akinyi 50 Stephen Okoth and Florence Ajuma 51 Phelgone Akinyi 52 Benedeta Omondi 53 Mary Ngesa 54 Pascal Oduor and Lilian Akinyi 55 Judith Akum 56 Melenia Odama 57 Chrisphine Dibogo and Victress Ayanga 58 Eunice Atieno 59 Millicent Anyango 60 Elias Ouma and Angelica Mongina 61 Eunice Auma 62 Benedict Odhiambo and Isabel Awuor 63 Thomas Siwa and Mary Gorrety Apondi 64 Cosmas Wathulu and Mildred Akinyi 65 Sepherinus Omollo and Rose Omollo 66 Vincent Ochieng and Agnes Akello 67 Veronica Adhiambo 68 Nowe Mwangale and Stacey Achieng
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