Gilbert and Agness Otiono Onguru

Number of Family Members: 8
Biggest Challenge: School Fees, Food, Water
Source of Water: Rain, River, Well
Average monthly income: $40

Family Activity

Garden Tower Sponsored by: The USANA Foundation
Chicken Enterprise Sponsored by:
Goat Sponsored by:
Rainwater Capture Tank Sponsored by: 

49 Families

Kanyamenda Wire

1 Samuel and Loice Oyugi 2 Juma and Jackline Odiango 3 Caren Josiah 4 Gordon Ooko and Melda Akoth 5 Nicholas Nyamwaya and Lucy Anyango 6 Meshack Ombuor and Jane Akinyi 7 John Otieno Owino and Nancy Atieno John 8 Elijah Owino Magak and Ludia Anyango 9 Zachariah Ondoro and Catherine Oyugi 10 Kennedy Otieno and Dorothy Achieng 11 Melkizadek Awino and Phulisters Akinyi 12 Tom Odhiambo Ondoro and Pamella Odhiambo 13 Jackline Awino Juma 14 Moses and Sophia Oyosi 15 Meresa Anyango Oyata 16 Fred Otieno Pete and Eunice Otieno 17 Zaddock Otieno Ochako and Grace Achieng Otieno 18 Gordon Achacha and Melda Akoth Gordon 19 Richard Odak Pete and Evalyne Odak 20 Flora Ogalo Tindi 21 Dennis Odhiambo Ondoro and Eunice Atieno Odhiambo 22 Edwin Owuor Ogutu and Catherine Atieno 23 Solomon Onguru and Marseline Odhiambo 24 Dennis Okunyi Tindi and Caroline Akinyi Ochola 25 Angeline Otieno 26 Benson and Dorcas Mikingo 27 Philip Ondoro and Lorna Achieng Otieno 28 Nancy Achieng Ondoro 29 Lucas Ngesa and Rosemary Adhiambo 30 Jane Onyango 31 Mike and Loraine Akoth Tyson 32 Ondoro Ogal and Diana Odhiambo 33 Grace Akinyi Obiero 34 Zaddock and Susan Achieng Ochako 35 Lawi and Hellen Magak 36 Dennis Otieno and Jane Awiti Oyatta 37 Wilfridah Oyatta 38 Peter Achacha and Linet Akinyi Okoth 39 Samson and Ruth Agunda 40 Geoffrey and Jane Odiwior 41 Gilbert and Agness Otiono Onguru 42 Brian Onunda and Lavender Adhiambo 43 Rober Ouko and Natasha Ann 44 Philimon Abongo and Jane Awinja 45 Steve Biko and Florence Atieno 46 Nashon Opiyo and Lilian Nahashon 47 Hellen Nyandiko 48 Phiimong and Rose Akoth Onuong 49 Margret Abongo
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