Kenya - Bomet County

Since we began our garden tower project, over 800 families in Bomet have received at least 2 garden towers. With each garden tower feeding up to 5 people at least 3 or more meals each week, over 1 million meals of fresh vegetables have been provided to people in this area of Kenya.

The four biggest challenges that we have seen in families in rural Kenya are:

1. Not enough food.
2. Not enough water.
3. Not enough money for education.
4. No way of managing menstruation for women and girls.

We believe these problems should have been solved long ago.

The external results are malnutrition, dehydration, and continuing cycles of poverty passed down from generation to generation. We have spoken with families who have reported extreme bouts of depression and fear that their children will die from starvation.

We began our journey in Bomet in 2016, when we brought a team to visit for the first time. We asked our director, Anita, to identify 5 families she thought we could help who were struggling. One of those women was Mercy.

Mercy was working in a field, cutting vegetables for around $1/day. Her oldest son, Vincent, had been sent home from school because the family lacked the school fees that he needed for his education. He was in his second year of high school. Mercy was depressed and struggling, but managed a smile or two for us.

We were at the beginning stages of developing our Path out of Poverty programs for families, and decided to provide Mercy a cow, a goat, chickens, and gardens to start. We also agreed to sponsor Vincent for the rest of high school.

Within two years, Mercy went from $1/day to $100/month. Vincent graduated from high school and found work to help support his younger siblings through school. Ultimately, when our garden tower program needed a leader, we chose Vincent.

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